The Heart of Ottawa: Hintonburg and Mechanicsville

Little Boxes (Photo Story)

Posted in Uncategorized by nicbaird on February 10, 2010

Hintonburg residents don’t need much space. Housing is desperately needed for the well-off and those just making do. Both are finding they didn’t need as much as they thought. Read the whole story and see the pictures as a slideshow here. Or see the photo set with accompanying text here.

James Dalwrimple builds the 12' wide house.


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  1. […] My first question is this: what are the positive points of infill, and why were they not also included in the city’s conclusions? To any observer it would seem that the city’s findings are lopsided and lack objectivity. This is where it gets personal for me. The picture above is my house; a house designed with the help of a close friend and my father. I built my home with the love and support of my family and friends; it was a labour of love and I shed blood, sweat, and the occasional tear constructing it. I’ve received a lot of criticism over my house, but never from a neighbour; in fact I’ve been defended by them (note to reader: don’t cross a life-long Hintonburger!). […]

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