The Heart of Ottawa: Hintonburg and Mechanicsville

Hintonburg’s Barberian Invasion

Posted in Uncategorized by nicbaird on March 3, 2010

Left to Right: Barber Shop, Carole's Barbershop and Hairstyling, Bobbi Pin Hair Studio, Character, and Salon M.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed from walking around Hintonburg is that there is an extraordinary amount of places that will cut  your hair. “There’s heaps of them,” said Bob Hayes, who runs a barber shop on Wellington Street, in Hintonburg.

As an Ottawa resident, I know the city is flooded with barbers/hairdressers. But, Hintonburg has got it bad.

Carole’s Barbershop and Hairstyling, Character, Salon M, Dan Rocco Barber Shop, Vincent Barber Shop, Barber Shop, and Bobbi Pin Hair Studio are all easily within a kilometer of each other in the centre of Hintonburg.

Hayes explained the difference between hairdressers, stylists, and barbers, is that the latter serves exclusively male patrons. Barbershops in Hintonburg

Bob Hayes, from the Barber Shop on Wellington Street

have much older storefronts compared to the flashy billboards of the hair studios. It seems barbers are drastically outnumbered, in Hintonburg at least.

In the seventies, kids started growing their hair long and a lot of shops shut down, said Hayes. He said he remembers when the union shut down in 1974. “Barbers don’t exist anymore.”

Hayes said he moved here from Sparks Street downtown. “It was always the same there. It’s fun here!”

Hayes and I talk about my schooling until a customer comes in a few minutes later.


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