The Heart of Ottawa: Hintonburg and Mechanicsville

One more Hintonburg Hairstylist

Posted in Uncategorized by nicbaird on March 3, 2010

Dogz Spa and Boutique on Wellington, in Hintonburg

Hopefully this will supplement my last post on hairdressers, by including these more obscure hairstylists.

When I was in Hintonburg last weekend, I passed by a window with some interesting bulleted points painted on the glass: massage therapy, aromatherapy, personalized bandannas, and pawdicures. Pawdicures?

“Massage therapy is good for dogs with arthritis,” said Tracy, co-owner of Dogz Spa and Boutique, in Hintonburg. Tracy explained how the dog spa offers services far beyond a typical hair studio. The doggy fashion boutique in the front room made that clear to me immediately. “No one else gives [dog] facials,” said Tracy.

Tracy said she was successful in the high-tech industry. She retired at a young age and opened the store to relax. I asked her if she was enjoying the business. “I’m exhausted,” she said. “I plan to retire again soon.”

The downside is that working with animals gets tiring, Tracy said. Though,she told me she has been able to retain her love for them.

Tracy took this picture of the dog she was working on.


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